Guardian Trust Foundation Trustee Services

Guardian Trust Foundation, Inc. administers and oversees Special Needs Trusts. In order to do this very specialized task, we work with experts in the field. A core mission of the Foundation is to serve individuals with disabilities and other tax exempt organizations that do likewise. It is through our trustee services that we are able to provide our charitable services. Our donations to other tax exempt organizations and the benefits to our trust beneficiaries are funded through our trustee services and general donations.

We only accept Pooled Special Needs Trusts cases, unless our Foundation has previously been designated as Trustee in a written Special Needs Trust instrument.


The two types of Special Needs Trusts we administer are:

Guardian Pooled Trust

Our self-settled Special Needs Trust established pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1396p(d)(4)(C).

Guardian Special Needs Trusts

Our pooled Third Party Special Needs trust with no Medicaid payback